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Choong-Hyo Mission Taekwondo
Rules and Regulations


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Choong-Hyo Taekwondo Rules and Regulations

 1. Students are to bow respectfully to the flags when entering or leaving the schooland upon first encounter with the instructors;
 2. Discipline yourself to show respect to your fellow students who hold higher rank belt than yourself;
 3. Address your instructor as "INSTRUCTOR" and answer "Yes, Sir" or "No, Sir";
 4. Horseplay and disrespect of any kind will not be tolerated;
 5. Unnecessary noise, talking or laughing during class will not be permitted;
 6. There will be "NO SMOKING" and "NO ALCOHOL" in the school;
 7. No footwear of any kind during class and no shoes in training area - keep clean at all times;
 8. Students will wear clean doboks (uniforms) at all times;
 9. Remember that Taekwondo is not only for your health and self-defense, but also for a mental discipline that require constant practice;
10. Support your taekwondo school by inviting your friends to watch and explain to people about the training spirit of the taekwondo.

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